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" Hello, my name is Gustavo, and I am a passionate learner and I take pride in being a self-taught coder. The world of data, engineering, and creating captivating full-stack projects fascinates me to no end.

My journey with computers began at the tender age of 6 when I got my hands on my first PC. However, as time went by, it became obsolete, and my mom couldn't afford to buy a new one. Determined not to let that stop me, I started frequenting the local internet cafe, where I could explore the realms of computing. At the age of 10, I managed to acquire a second computer, but it often crashed, leading me to become a frequent visitor at the repair store. One fateful day, I mustered up the courage to propose volunteering at the store after school to learn how to fix and optimize my own computer. The store manager smiled at my request, appreciating the idea, and granted me the opportunity to assist the technician for 3 to 4 hours each day. In a matter of weeks, I found myself not only repairing my relatives' computers but also engaging in profound conversations with my classmates about computers and software.

While completing my Master of Science in Chemical Engineering at the University of Guanajuato in Mexico, I was fortunate to embark on a fully funded research stay at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. During my time there, I collaborated with Dr. John Cater on an intriguing project that involved researching turbulence models to simulate the fluid-structure interaction of blood flow in the human aorta and its wall. This endeavor was both challenging and exhilarating, allowing me to delve into implementing complex models and honing my programming skills in Python, C#, and Matlab.

I am deeply passionate about my work. The love I have for what I do serves as a constant wellspring of motivation, propelling me to give my utmost effort. In my previous position, this fervor pushed me to challenge myself daily and acquire new skills that elevated the quality of my work. One notable accomplishment was teaching myself React, which resulted in significant improvements of field operations.

Ambition and drive define my character. I thrive on embracing challenges and continuously set ambitious goals for myself, providing me with a clear purpose to strive for. Settling for mediocrity is simply not in my nature; I am perpetually on the lookout for opportunities to surpass my own expectations and achieve greatness.

During my precious moments of leisure, I indulge in a symphony of thrilling escapades. Scaling mighty cliffs and conquering icy summits through rock and ice climbing, I taste the triumph of defying gravity. But that's not all—I find solace in the beautiful game of soccer, where I can unleash my passion for teamwork and strategic finesse. Guided by the pulse of adrenaline, mountain biking becomes my conduit to liberation, weaving through rugged terrains with unwavering determination. And amidst the majestic allure of the Canadian Rockies, I wander the untamed trails, hiking in harmony with nature's symphony, discovering hidden treasures with every step. "

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